Connecting your camera

Instructions on how to activate free Trial and Connecting a Drop Cam

Unfortunately every camera works differently.  In order to assist with your installation process we made videos on how to connect some of the more popular cameras to our GoGogate device.

Connecting a DLINK camera (once the free trial has been previously enabled)

Connecting a Foscam or Insteon camera

Connecting a Tplink camera

Connecting a Ubiquity camera

Instructions on how to BUY your video plugin

Some useful Questions and Answers related to our Video feature.

Is the GoGogate recording all the time?

No. Recording only takes place when a garage door is opened. When the door is closed the recording will stop. (Note: if garage door is opened and closed within 10 seconds or  less  a recording may NOT take place)



What happens if I leave my door open for a long time?

The GoGogate will record continuously for up to 15 minutes. After that time the GoGogate will automatically stop recording even if the door is still open.

Note:(The GoGogate can be setup to remind you if a door has been left opened. It will do so 2 times. First notification after 10 minutes and second notification after 20 minutes of door being opened)



Is there a limit to how much video I can watch?

Yes. If you are in Remote Access you have a limit of 1GB per month.  If you are using your GoGogate within your own WiFi there is no limit.



How do I know how much data I am using during the month?

The GoGogate keeps track of your data usage. You can find this information on top of your video screen.



What happens if I exceed the 1GB/Month video limit? Do I have to pay more?

No. If for any reason the 1GB limit is exceeded within one month, you will not pay more. The video feature will simply stop and automatically re-start the following month.



How do I know when my subscription expires?

The GoGogate keeps track of your activation and expiry date. You can find this information on top of your video screen.


How much video can my GoGogate store?

You can store approximately 100 minutes of video. This is equivalent to about 67 events. An event is the opening and closing of a garage door and is assumed to be completed within 1.5 minutes.

It is nonetheless important to understand that video storage will  also depend on the type of camera you have  ie. resolution, frames per second, etc…).  As an example, if you open your doors about 16 times/day nd your door cycle time is around 1.5 minute,  you will have about 4 days of video storage. On the other hand, if you often forget to close your garage door, your GoGogate may only be able to store 1 or 2 days worth of video.



Is there an option to increase the amount of storage in the GoGogate?

Currently no but we expect to offer increased storage capacity soon.



Are my videos saved automatically?

No. The GoGogate will automatically delete your oldest videos to make space for new recordings. This is referred to as the FIFO (first in – first out) principle. You can manually save a video clip by selecting the “save” function next to a specific video.



Can I select and view videos based on a specific day and time?

Yes. The GoGogate has a built in calendar of events .

Watch live video of your garage

GoGogate keeps track of what happens in your garage. Make the most of your time and never wonder again if your door was left open.

Events Calendar

All your garage events
at your fingertips

See what’s happening in your garage anytime, anywhere. GoGogate will register and record  every time your garage door is opened. You can check and even save past events in your calendar.


 List of compatible cameras here >

Camera not included.

Get Video and Recording
for only $29.95 for
3 years.


 List of compatible cameras here >

Camera not included.