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GOGOGATE 1 (First version)

How much is the GoGogate app going to cost me?
The GoGogate app is free. You can download it on iTunes store or Google Play.

Do I have to pay a monthly or annual fee to operate the GoGogate?
There is NO Fee to operate your GoGogate device or your Remote Access feature.

How much is a professional installation going to cost me?
Rates may vary depending on location and type of installation. Please check with our installer network or contact tech support.


Is the connection between the GoGogate device and my Smartphone safe?
On local mode, GoGogate uses Wi-Fi as a standard. In addition, GoGogate uses a propietary 128-Mbits encryption that changes every 0,5s.

Can I know if my garage door is open or closed?
Yes. The GoGogate comes with 1 wireless door sensor for that purpose. When the sensor is properly synched with the GoGogate device, the GoGogate app on your smartphone will allow you to know if the door is open or closed (green color for open, red for closed).
Please note that the GoGogate allows you to operate up to 3 garage doors but, without the wireless sensors, you will not be able to tell if a specific garage door is opened or closed unless you are looking at them.
Please note that all doors that are connected to your GoGogate without wireless sensor will not display an “open or closed” symbol on your smartphone.

What happens if I accidentally open my garage door when I am not home?
Unless you are connected to the “REMOTE ACCESS” feature, this is not possible. Under normal operations your GOGOGATE will only work when connected to your home WIFI network. In this case, the GoGogate will only work within the range of your WIFI network (approx 250ft – 100m).
If you have enabled the  REMOTE ACCESS feature, you will still have to insert your password and then activate the garage. There are many steps that will prevent you from doing this accidentaly. Also, by looking at your APP screen you will always be able to see if you are in a remote access mode or in local WiFi mode. You can also tell if your door is opened or closed. YOU CAN ONLY REMOTELLY ACTIVATE DOORS THAT HAVE A DOOR SENSOR INSTALLED.


How do I connect my smartphone to the GoGogate device?
Please refer to our manual or installation video.

I can not program the GoGogate device with my Smartphone. I don’t hear ONE BEEP or Three BEEPS..
Before programming the GoGogate, check that the green STATUS led is blinking.
We recommend programming the GoGogate from a horizontal position (example on top of a table) and not while it is attached to the wall. It 's very important to keep your Smartphone steady on the device during programmi ng. Moving the Smartphone during the programming sequence may
cause the programming of the GoGogate to FAIL.
Also avoid direct sunlight or very bright lights hitting your GoGogate during programming.  This can interfere with your programming and cause
it to fail.
After reading the above recommendations, the first thing you should do is unplug the GoGogate , wait for 10 seconds and plug it again.
Once STATUS light starts blinking, try to re-program the device once again.

If you can not program the GoGogate via the Easy Programming method, you can try it by:

1) Reset the GoGogate unit by pressing the RESET button for 5 seconds until you hear 1 beep.
2) Access your router and change your Network Name to “Connect” (with Capital ”C” ) and without encryption (ie. Open network).
3) The GoGogate will connect automatically to your Network Name and your USB WiFi will start blinking.
4) Connect your smartphone to “Connect” network.
5) In the GoGogate APP, go to Settings → Guest access, and enter: GoGogate name: “home” password”12345678”. Press save changes and go Back to main screen.
6) You are now connected to your GoGogate.
7) Press “Find GoGogate” on the main APP Screen
8) Enter “admin” as a password.
9) Go to WiFi Settings and enter your original network name, encryption and password.
10) Click on update.
11) Access your router and replace the Network name “Connect” with your original network name (same you entered in the GoGogate) encryption and password.

USB WiFi is not blinking (at first time).
The LED on your WiFi will not blink until you have successfully programmed and connected the GoGogate to your network.

I have completed the programming sequence and heard the 3 beeps but my WIFI is not blinking?
This means the GoGogate cannot connect to your wireless network. There are 5 possible causes:
1-Gogogate is not compatible with "hidden" SSID.
2-You are using network that works at 5GHz. GoGogate only works at 2.4Ghz.
3-You SSID/Network name may contain special characters such as:  “ & / ' that are not supported.
4-Your encryption is not supported. Gogogate works with WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and WEP 128 bits. Try to change your encryption settings.
5-Gogogate is out of range of your WiFi network. You can check this by looking at your Smartphone. If your Smartphone has WiFi coverage where
your GoGogate device is located, then your GoGogate device should also be within range of your network.

My GoGogate intermittently disconnects from my Wi-Fi network. What should I do?
Gogogate must be able to ping default gateway (ie.  router IP), otherwise Wi-Fi will disconnect. We recommend contacting your network administrator to do this task.

My Wi-Fi signal is weak and my smartphone only connects when I am very close to the garage door.
In case you have weak Wi-Fi signal we recommend that you install an Access Point close to your GoGogate device to boost the signal.

How can I know if my smartphone is connected to the GoGogate device?
When you are properly connected to the GoGogate device your GoGogate smartphone app should display three rounded buttons. The buttons that are connected should be black with green edges. This means that all buttons are ready to use. A grey color means they are not connected.

My smartphone is not able to connect with the GoGogate device. What should I do?
Make sure your smartphone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Check the password of your home network and check that you are within range of your wireless network.
Did you hear the 3 confirmation beeps at the end of “Begin Your Installation” process? If not, repeat the installation.
On the back of your Wi-Fi antenna (located on the GoGogate device), you should see a blue blinking LED. This LED should be blinking constantly and fast. If this is not the case, the password of your Wi-Fi home network introduced during the “Begin Your Installation” process is incorrect.
Make sure that the GoGogate device and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi enabled access point or router.
If the above does not work contact our customer service team at support@gogogate.com  and let us know how we can help you. If we can't solve your issue by email we will call you back. (We strive to answer all emails within 2 hours from Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm (US ET). For after hours, emails will be answered within 8 hours).

I can not activate the "REMOTE access" feature on my gogogate.
The first time you activate the remote access feature on your GoGogate, you need to be connected to your WiFi network... Start by pressing the  "find GoGogate" at the bottom of your main screen. (Ie you need to press on the magnifying glass). A text box with your device IP information will be displayed. Press on "Open webpage ".  Type the default password "ADMIN" when prompted to do so. When the webpage of your gogagate is displayed you should see your 3 garage door buttons. Please go to the bottom of that page. You will see a text that says: your remote access is "disabled". Here you must select the "enable" button. Accept the terms and conditions displayed and press activate. You are done. !
For more info please refer to page 20 of your manual.

How many GoGogate devices can I connect to my network?
There is no limit to how many GoGogate devices you can connect to your network. Since the GoGogate can be used for multiple home applications, you can install your device in multiple locations within your home: to control the garage door (GRG Mode), your automated blinds/ awnings (PULSE Mode) or even to turn your lights on or off (ON&OFF Mode). You may want to use a professional installation company if you plan to connect multiple GoGoGates in your house.

How can I change my GoGogate name and password?
Please refer to the user manual. You can find it at downloads section.

Can I add or change the name of each garage door?
Yes you can. Please refer to the user manual. You can find it at downloads section.

My Android app does not seem to work with the GoGogate.
Please make sure you have updated your Android smartphone to the latest SW version.

During the programming sequence, I can not hear any sound.
Check that your smartphone is not on MUTE or VIBRATE mode.

I installed my “wireless door sensors” but the buttons on my app show that the doors are closed when they are actually open (or vice versa).
Activate once or twice the garage door that shows the incorrect status. This will allow the door sensors to sync with your GoGogate device.
Check the distance between both parts of your wireless door sensor. The small piece that is attached to the garage door needs to be as close as possible to the larger sensor piece on your garage wall without actually touching. Please refer to manual for more information.

The app indicates that all buttons were closed, but after a few hours, displayed that one garage door was open. Why?
For security reasons, your door sensors transmit a “check message” to the GoGogate device every 1.5 hours. If the GoGogate device does not receive any signals from your door sensors after two attempts (ie within a 3 hours period) the GoGogate device will automatically show that door is open even if it is closed. This is a safety measure that allows you to check it.
The above may happen for the following reasons:

·  Door sensor batteries are empty (batteries have a life span of 3 years).
·  Door sensors are faulty or have been removed.
·  You have entered a wrong door sensor ID code during installation (open and close the door several times to check if the door status changes
correctly. If not, check the door sensor ID code located at the front of the door sensor).

I have succesfully  programmed my GoGogate device with my own Smartphone but how can I add more Smartphones (i.e. users)
to my Gogogate.?
You can add as many Smartphones (i.e. Users) as you want to your GoGogate device.
1)  First make sure to download the GoGogate APP on the device you are trying to activate.  You can do this via the Apple Store or
Google Play depending if you are using an iPhone of Android device.
2) Once the APP is downloaded, press "settings" at the bottom right of your main screen and then select "Add GoGogate".
3) Now enter the Name and Password of your GoGogate device. You must enter the same NAME and PASSWORD used when you
programed your GoGogate (both fields are CAP sensitive).
4) Press SAVE and you are done. Repeat above steps for all additional Phones that require access to your GoGogate.

Please note that all users trying to access your GoGogate must also have access to your WIFI network.


How many garage doors can I operate with one single device*?
With the GoGogate device you can operate up to three different garage doors.
*For multiple home applications you will need more than just one GoGogate device.

If I have two GoGogates in two different houses, do I need to download another GoGogate application on my smartphone?
No, with the same GoGogate app you can control different devices installed in different locations.

Can I still use my regular garage door remote control and my homelink system in my car?
Yes, nothing changes. You can continue opening your garage doors and using all the devices you had before (such as your standard remote control and homelink system in your car). The GoGogate works independently and expands the use of your garage door.

Can I open my garage door only by downloading the GoGogate app?
No, our app only works together with the GoGogate device.

Can I use the GoGogate app with my iPad?
Yes, you can use the GoGogate app with your iPhone or iPad but also with your Android Phone and devices.

How many users can the GoGogate device handle?

There is no limit on how many users can download and connect to the GoGogate app.


Is the GoGogate recording all the time?
No. Recording only takes place when a garage door is opened. When the door is closed the recording will stop. (Note: if garage door is opened and closed within 10 seconds or  less  a recording may NOT take place)

What happens if I leave my door open for a long time?
The GoGogate will record continuously for up to 15 minutes. After that time the GoGogate will automatically stop recording even if the door is still open.
Note:(The GoGogate can be setup to remind you if a door has been left opened. It will do so 2 times. First notification after 10 minutes and second notification after 20 minutes of door being opened)

Is there a limit to how much video I can watch?
Yes. If you are in Remote Access you have a limit of 1GB per month.  If you are using your GoGogate within your own WiFi there is no limit.

How do I know how much data I am using during the month?
The GoGogate keeps track of your data usage. You can find this information on top of your video screen.

What happens if I exceed the 1GB/Month video limit? Do I have to pay more?
No. If for any reason the 1GB limit is exceeded within one month, you will not pay more. The video feature will simply stop and automatically re-start the following month.

How do I know when my subscription expires?
The GoGogate keeps track of your activation and expiry date. You can find this information on top of your video screen.

How much video can my GoGogate store?
You can store approximately 100 minutes of video. This is equivalent to about 67 events. An event is the opening and closing of a garage door and is assumed to be completed within 1.5 minutes.
It is nonetheless important to understand that video storage will  also depend on the type of camera you have  ie. resolution, frames per second, etc…).  As an example, if you open your doors about 16 times/day and your door cycle time is around 1.5 minute,  you will have about 4 days of video storage. On the other hand, if you often forget to close your garage door, your GoGogate may only be able to store 1 or 2 days worth of video.

Is there an option to increase the amount of storage in the GoGogate?
Currently no but we expect to offer increased storage capacity soon.

Are my videos saved automatically?
No. The GoGogate will automatically delete your oldest videos to make space for new recordings. This is referred to as the FIFO (first in – first out) principle. You can manually save a video clip by selecting the “save” function next to a specific video.

Can I select and view videos based on a specific day and time?
Yes. The GoGogate has a built in calendar of events .


How do I activate alerts?
First of all, make sure you are within reach of the GoGogate WiFi network. Then follow these simples steps:
1. Download the latest GoGogate App
2. Open the app
3. Press “find GoGogate”
4. Select “Open Webpage”
5. Enter your password and then select “Configuration”
6. Select “Alerts”
To enable push notifications for other users connected to your GoGogate system, please ensure that their Smartphone is within range of your home WiFi and follow the above steps.

How do alerts work? When will I receive them?
GoGogate can send you a push notification everytime your door is open or closed.  The system will also send you an alert if you left your door open
for more than 10 min.

What happens if I left my garage door accidentally open?
The GoGogate will notify you 2 times that a specific garage door has been left open. First notification after 10 minutes and second notification after
20 minutes of door being opened.

Can alerts tell  who opened a door and when?
If opened or closed via Smartphone, GoGogate will let you know “who” activated your doors and “when”. If your doors are open or closed via a computer you will see the name “internet” displayed. If your doors are open or closed manually (via push button) you will see “no“ specific indication.

Can I set alerts for specific occasions?
You can choose to receive alerts if a door is open, closed or remains open.

Do I need a wireless sensor to make alerts work?